The Hearts in Light
tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt are a futuristic and exotic electro-pop/rock band with an avant-garde, new age pop sound. Formed in 2008, the group consists of producer/songwriter Kyle Malone, songwriter Stacey Sausa, and bassist Seth Ferguson. Both Malone and Sausa lead vocals and are multi-instrumentalists (keys, guitar, synthesizer, sampler, reason). With the promising combination of their unique and highly danceable cosmic tunes and poetic, social and environmentally aware lyrics, their electrifyingly visual shows are a spiritually fresh and heartfelt experience unlike any other act in the area.
Future Virgins
Future Virgins started in 2005 as a long distance project between three Chattanoogans and a Floridian and started playing, touring and recording whenever they could. Singer/guitarist Ashley would drive up at least once a month to have marathon band practices. A few years ago Ashley moved to Chattanooga, allowing us to be a bit more prolific. Earlier this year we released our first LP "Western Problems" as a split release with Brooklyn NY's Starcleaner Records and Chattanooga's Plan-it-X South. We also have 3 7" EPs on Plan-it-X South, a split with Onion Flavored Rings on 1-2-3-4 GO records out of Oakland Ca, and 2 songs on the local LP compilation "By All Means" put out by local collective Do Ya Hear We?. Thanks for listening.
Prophets + Kings
Prophets & Kings spent winter 2008 squatting in an abandoned mansion, writing what was to be their full-length debut. When money ran dry, the four moved back to Chattanooga and raised enough money to record and mix at As Elyzum Studios, run by Stephen Nichols (The Distribution, Moonlight Bride, Band LeGrand, Banners Over Us) in St. Elmo, TN, and master the album in Atlanta with Glenn Schick (Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne). ?Prophets & Kings scream of southern drudgery (Eunuch, Misery Haunts, Hoary Hurrah), but the album finds opportunities to “learn to love to suffer” in dance anthems First Taste, Itsy Bitsy Beastie and A Freshiest. Merriment in the midst of mourning is what resonates with the hypocrite in Everyman. This album is reality peppered with just enough magic. Prophets & Kings are currently working on a 5 song E.P. and follow up full-length album while collaborating with artists from Kid Infinity, Machines Are People Too, The Whoremones and Summer Dregs on remixes and upcoming releases.
The Alexanders
Alex Thompson was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee to a music-loving family. He’s currently creating songs under the moniker The Alexanders, which I like to envision as a troupe of miniature Alex clones running rampant through the South and sharing lovely sounds with the countryside. His music is so enormously pleasant - smooth acoustic, layered vocals, classic charm. These are songs that could have been written decades ago, that could be written tomorrow - they’re delightfully timeless.
Dolphin Mouth
The musical project of J. E. Bennett, formed in 2010 as a side project to his bands Forest Magic and Necklace. He implements found sound, O.P.P., & original compositions within a multi-sensory experience on stage. His performances tend to draw up emotion and unlock deep thoughts in his viewers. From transcendental repetition to shoegazey din to indie pop glee, he runs the gamut of positive sonic sensation.
Iron Diplomat
Iron Diplomat is a Chattanooga-based, all original rock band formed in 2010, bringing together influences from 70?s and 80?s metal, turn of the century hard rock and grunge, and prog rock. Band members are Rick Gehrke (guitars and vocals), Wayne Cordle (guitars and keys), Vic Attlee (bass and vocals), and Joe Neale (percussion).
Moonlight Bride
Moonlight Bride began forming their unique sound back in 2007 as a group of friends performing and recording live and quickly released a 4 song EP and began building a cult-like local following. In 2008, the group began work on what would become their debut album Myths. Upon it’s release in October 2009, Myths was received exceptionally well by fans and critics alike and garnered the band their first bit of national and international recognition and press. The vinyl, and CD copies of “Myths” sold out within 3 months of its initial release. The band made multiple year end lists including “One of the 8 most auspicious musical debuts of 2009” by Paste magazine. In the spring of 2011, the band once again headed into As Elyzum studios to record a follow up EP to 2009’s Myths. The new EP was recorded by Moonlight Bride with mixing duties handled by Seattle based producer John Goodmanson. Titled Twin Lake, the new EP shows the band moving towards a more dynamic sound. Filled with layers of sound a melody.
Machines Are People Too
Machines Are People Too (MRP2) began as a two piece pop project between friends, JJ Clark(Production) and Brian Sylvester(Vocals) in 2010. Shortly after, with the addition of Cain Lassiter(Keys), and Ivan Garcia(Drums), the band began touring regularly across the nation, playing alongside such acts as Miami Horror, Ghostland Observatory, Thievery Corporation, and Two Fresh. Word of their unique synth-pop sound is spreading fast, and the group expects big things from 2012; with numerous festival appearances including Bonnaroo, Summerfest and Nocturnal Wonderland, a Fall tour planned, and the release of Dreams EP from noted Producer/Synth Player Lars Stalfors(The Mars Volta, Matt & Kim, Funeral Party.)
The Bohannons have been creating musical narratives informed by personal experience, blending classic and modern influences, since the early 90s when brothers Matt and Marty Bohannon made their first recording onto a four-track cassette tape in a duplex garage at their parents' home. Their soundscapes emanate country, blues and folk standards fused together with rock, punk and power pop structures. Roky Erikson, Crazy Horse, Hellacopters, Frank Black and The Band are often mentioned in describing The Bohannons sound. Following their first release, Songs for the Disenfranchised, The Bohannons were invited to perform at 2008's Mucklewain Festival. That same year they would complete their first tour of England. In 2010, they recorded their most recent album, Days Of Echo with Steve Albini.
Land Camera
Land Camera officially formed in March of 2008 when producer Charles Allison and guitarist Callie Harmon started playing shows together and developing a solid repertoire of songs. Bassist John Lazenby, keyboardist Colby Rogers and Bob Stagner joined the fold early in 2008, filling out the spectrum with aplomb. Land Camera makes dark, thoughtful Americana-tinged rock and roll with songs about life, love and the human condition.
Ryan Oyer Band
Ryan’s debut 2010 release “Come Together” was a record parked at the intersection of Gallagher Lane and Abbey Road. The Chattanooga songwriter had become well-known for insightful love songs wrapped in Beatlesque melodies and “Come Together” showcased those song beautifully. As the name implies, Oyer’s new album “metamorphosis” represents a big step forward for the singer/songwriter. Embracing a wide array of Britpop influences, and toughened up with a full band featuring Mike McDade (Old Man: A Neil Young tribute), Gabriel Newell (Muddy Soul) and Callie Harmon (Land Camera), “metamorphosis” is the sound of a man coming into his own.
Milele Roots
Milele Roots although from diverse backgrounds, has a keen interest in roots-reggae-intensive music. The group receives critical acclaim for their uncompromising fusion of roots reggae, psychedelic dub, punk-drenched ska, bluesy R&B, funk and meringue rhythms. MiLeLe (Swahili for “eternal”) Roots’ diversity is echoed by the diversity of their fans. The Live Performances are positive, conscious and upbeat with a contagious groove that permeates the consciousness of the audience. Shimmering cool, yet funkily hot: One of the reasons the performances bring satisfaction whether in clubs large and small, as well as outdoor festivals and parties.
The Nim Nims
The Nim Nims were established in 2003. In 2007, they released their self titled debut album. In 2009, they released their second record titled “Patten Towers”, and in November of 2011 will be releasing their 3rd album “Baristas, Fashionistas, Mother Teresas”.
Amber Fults & the Ambivalent Lovers
Blessed with a voice that's both youthful and old-soul, Amber Fults pens tunes that resonate on numerous levels to anyone who listens. The songs are hauntingly familiar, not because they aren't highly original, but because she's been there: unsure, in love, wanting something she fears might not exist... longing for that indefinable thing we all want – to be happy, cared for, and here with purpose. But the beauty of Fults' writing and delivery is that she might sometimes question where she stands, but never loses sight of who she is. It's an empowering thing for the listener to be allowed in to her world, because she shows the strength in vulnerability (check out the hits waiting to happen, “Killing Time” or “Fragile” and you'll see).
Telemonster was formed by cousins Ben Vanderhart and Josh Barrett in 2010 after moving to Chattanooga from their respective hometowns in Iowa and New Mexico. They were joined by college roommate, John-Michael Forman on bass and performed as a trio for nearly half a year, promoting their eponymous three-track EP on local stages. Peter Griffis joined the band in 2011 with contributions on guitar and viola, and by the end of the year, they added classically-trained pianist, Dave Hess to the lineup. They are currently preparing to release their first full-length album, A Girl I Knew, while writing and composing new material for a second LP.
Unspoken Triumph
Officially formed in 2009, Unspoken Triumph arrived on the Chattanooga scene with a fury, becoming the area's first true melodic death metal band. Taking his cue from Swedish bands such as At The Gates or In Flames, guitarist Jonathan Shrum quickly turned heads with his aggressive sound and intense fretwork. Within their first year actively playing shows, the band was able to open for nationally touring acts such as Enfold Darkness and local metal heavyweights With Faith Or Flames. In late 2010, the band was able to recruit ex-WFOF singer Ian Sharp to carry on UT's vocal duties, and his experience in the local and national scenes would help them reach new heights.. When asked what the future holds for Unspoken Triumph, the band assures that their aural onslaught will only be pushed to even further extremes.
Robosapien was formed in October of 2008. Robosapien's goal is to use programming along with live musicians to fully utilize technology and human abilities. There are too many cool sounds and manipulations you can do with programming and synthesizers not to use it, but at the same time we want to use our human capabilities to play that particular moment in time. Using this balance has paid off well. The songs stay fresh because of the human touch, and sonically stimulate you senses due to the use of today's cutting edge technology. Whether you've been in the scene for a while or if you are a newby, check it out, it draws people from very diverse backgrounds and is guaranteed to get you moving as well as thinking. Robosapien has shared the stage with acts such as Big Gigantic, Zoogma, This is Art, and Arpetrio. They have shared the bill with acts such as Skrillex, Eoto, and Conspirator. Its time to party!
Behold The Brave
Behold The Brave, a Rock'n'Roll band out of Chattanooga, TN, have been making waves in the local and regional music scene with their high energy performances and classic sound. Beginning in 2008, this four piece band (Clayton Davis, Zack Randolph, Joel Parks, and Jeremiah Thompson) aspires to push the limits of their groovy rock vibes, as well as inspire the listeners to let loose and have a good time.
Eight Knives
Eight Knives indicates that you may have lost sight of your path. You may feel trapped and helpless. In this case, the knives represent the fears that are caging you in. You must be open to defeat in order to ever possibly win.
The New Empires
The New Empires is an up and coming six piece band based out of Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA. Their sound is unique, incorporating guitars, keyboards, brass, strings, driving percussion and tight harmonies that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Broadway stage. A blog review in Creative Loafing Charlotte says the music is "well-written and catchy, the type of up-beat, feel-good jams that you would put on at home and dance around your house to." Their self-titled album was released on December 1, 2011, and was produced and recorded by J Chris Griffin at The Engine Room in New York City.
Rigoletto consists of Corey Snipes, David Griffis, Chris Williams, and Kirk Ellis, who have been playing music together since Fall 2010. Despite the generic formation of Rigoletto, their debut Prodigal Again EP sets them apart from being just another college band. Since this release, Rigoletto has been touring, writing new material, and growing as individual musicians and as a band. A passionate live show, intricate writing style, and the desire to create a unique musical experience for the listener are just a few examples of what separates Rigoletto from other artists in the industry. Look for Rigoletto's debut full length album coming Spring 2013.
Harrison Holmes disguises himself as the aliases of "Sleestak" and "Sarisataka" when composing hiphop, funk, and electronic music. Sleestak is a local high schooler in Chattanooga and is still trying to perfect his craft of producing music and digging in record shops across the U.S. An up and coming producer and DJ, Sleestak is starting to get more frequent opportunities to display his talents of beat matching and spinning records. Sleestak is the resident DJ at Cafe Easy Lemon on Mainstreet and plays shows at art galleries, local festivals, and other social events.